Sunday, 24 February 2013

Introducing Annie!

Annie's first piece of cheese!
And now it's time to introduce Annie, my little monkey!


Lady Annie Surprise, aka Annie.


Annie is a golden short haired Syrian hamster.


I adopted Annie on 22nd September 2012. I've estimated her birthday to be 2nd June 2012.


I adopted Annie from the adoption centre of a certain big green pet store.


I just had to. I had a spare cage at home, and this little bum was sticking out at me in the adoption centre. I asked to handle "him", got her out... and then she immediately pee'd on me and bit me. Well, any sane person would have left her, but I am not really that sane when it comes to animals! I couldn't bare to leave her there, so I took her home.

Opening her Christmas present!
Her name was because she was called Lennox in the adoption centre, and Annie Lennox happens to be one of the singers on one of the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, which I had been listening to recently. The Surprise part was because I may or may not have brought her home to the house the boyfriend and I share without letting him know about it first. He may or may not have found her before I could explain. He may or may not have been very exasperated at me and go on about how she was a surprise hamster.(Don't worry, he loves her really!) The Lady was because I already had a Lord Darla!

  • Toy: Her bendy willow ladder thing that she uses to sit on and stare at me, begging to come out. Or her wheel.
  • Treat: Dreamies cat treats.
  • Time of day: Late evening.
  • Activity: Digging her substrate everywhere so that I have a lovely mess to clean up in the morning.