Saturday, 18 January 2014


... This time it really has been long time no post! Unfortunately not for the best of reasons, my Nan passed away last autumn so... yeah.

The hams are all doing okay. Darla is still going, though at at least 27 months old now, his time is probably soon. Annie is still having issues with fur loss, she now has a rather patchy bum, but she is still acting her normal crazy ham self, so the vets have said not to worry. Winter and Rocco were re-introduced after their separation back in August, lived together happily for a few months, and then Rocco started bullying Winter earlier this week (unlike last time, where it was Winter bullying Rocco), so they have been separated for good. They've also been to a couple of shows, and Rocco even won a rosette, which was nice.

All this has meant that there was much cage swapping this morning. When Winter and Rocco were separated, Winter was put in my spare mini duna for a few days -- I had to separate them late one evening and didn't have time or energy to swap everyone around until today. Darla has now been relocated to the mini duna, as he's been getting less and less active, and Winter is in the vacated bin cage. Rocco is still in the zoo zone 1, as it gives him more opportunity to dig like the little mole he is!

I'll try to post more regularly this year, but I'll just leave this post with a video of clips I took while cleaning the boys out. Enjoy!


  1. Welcome back! Very sorry to hear about your Nan... :'(

    Glad to see that your hams are doing well. Darla is looking very good for his age, he doesn't seem old at all. :)

  2. So sorry to hear about your nan. Glad that your hammies are still fit and well!