Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mary needs a new home

Hope this girly finds herself a new home soon!

Mary needs a new home
Mary was found last week on the Roecliffe to Bishop Monkton road where the road regularly floods. She had no hair on her tail or back and despite being only 4/5 months old she was pregnant and very skinny!!
Mary was first spotted cowering at the side of the road by our MD’s wife who stopped and Mary ran under her car. With a little gentle persuasion the Kitten was coaxed out and allowed herself to be picked up - she was shaking. The poor little thing was wrapped in one of Basil’s old dog towels and driven straight to the vets. She spent the entire journey purring and kneading into our MD’s wife’s lap - she was clearly very happy to be found.
Bishopton Vets were once again brilliant and treated Mary for fleas and terminated the pregnancy. Mary was spade and began on her road to recovery being fed little and often, as she had not had any food for some time. They have done all this at their own cost.
Mary is now well on her way to recovery and continues to be well looked after by the staff at Bishopton Vets being fed on Harringtons cat food (which we hope will continue as we will be giving a year’s supply of cat food to her forever family). She will have to stay there for the foreseeable future as there is currently a 4 months waiting list at our local rescue centre.
This is where you come in - can you offer Mary the forever home that she needs? If you think you could, please contact us and we will pass on your details to Bishopton vets- if not then please share her story so together we can find Mary her forever home.

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