Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gosh, it's been a while...

... nearly ten days since I last posted! Blame real life, my boyfriend ended up having to have his appendix removed.

The hams are doing well! Darla is starting to look even more like an old man, he's getting a bit of fur loss on the inside of his back legs. A friend of mine had her Robo go bald from the waist down before he passed, I am wondering whether Darla will do the same. As long as he is happy though!

Annie has had no issues since her teeth trim, which is good. She hated the JR Farm hamster food though, so I now have two bags of it that I am not sure what to do with! I might feed it to Darla, with his fur loss and age I am thinking a lower protein diet might be beneficial.

Darla, Winter and Rocco love the JR Farm dwarf food, so they're currently eating a mix of that and Burgess dwarf. Winter and Rocco are back to their flying saucers, though, as I noticed today that Winter has managed to injure his food somehow on the wooden wheels I had given them. It seems to be healing well, so I am not going to stress him out with a vet visit.

And next week I am off on holiday, so no ham updates. Have a picture of Winter now instead!


  1. Real life is a great excuse I think :)Winter is looking precious as usual though!

    1. Thanks :) I missed a great opportunity with him earlier, both he and Rocco were all cuddled up next to each other in their sand bath but I disturbed them when I went to hunt down the camera!