Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hamster food saga take 2

Why does hamster food have to be so hard? A couple of months ago I did a post about making my hamster mix, but a lot has changed since then.

For the mix in question, I tried to please both Annie and Darla. They kind of have very different tastes, though. Annie ignored a lot of the smaller seeds I had put in the mix, making me concerned at the lack of variety, and Darla left all of the nuggets that contained the majority of the vitamins and minerals. Plus a component of the mix, Pets At Home Premium Muesli, has been discontinued in favour of something I have not heard the best reviews for from my fellow hamster nuts. As it seems I can't please them both with one mix, I am going to have to make two!
Burgess Supahamster Dwarf Hamster Harvest
 Annie is currently eating Harry Hamster, a mix which I avoided for a long while because Darla refused to eat most of it. This was partly because I saw it in Pets At Home and partly because Winter and Rocco came to me eating Harry Hamster too. Darla is currently on Burgess Supahamster Harvest Dwarf, but he preferentially eats the small seeds and leaves the green sticks and the flaked peas a lot of the time. Similarly, Winter and Rocco preferentially ate Burgess over Harry Hamster once I had introduced them to Burgess, but still ignore the green sticks a lot.
Supreme Harry Hamster
 For the Robos, at least, I think I have found the answer: JR Farm. A friend of mine feeds all her dwarfs on it, and another friend uses both the dwarf and Syrian foods as components in her hamster food. It looks tasty, has good variety, and seems very promising. I ordered both the dwarf and Syrian versions from zooplus, and they shall hopefully be here by Saturday. Whether I will mix the Burgess in with it, I am not quite sure.
JR Farm Dwarf Hamster Feast
As for Annie... I have ordered the Syrian mix as well, but I am wary of just how low it is in protein. While I know adult hams need less protein than growing babies, and that too much protein is bad for the kidneys, the protein content seems just too low. I will probably end up mixing it with Harry Hamster, at least at first, although whether she will ignore my efforts by selectively eating the JR Farm is another matter. Hopefully it will not come to that!
JR Farm Hamster Feast


  1. They all look like nice foods. I think I've only seen the Harry Hamster mix before but the JR farm one looks good.

    1. I'm still waiting on the order (they tried to deliver it in the week and of course I was at work, so I have it rearranged for today) but I am sure I shall do a review of it if you are interested :) I suppose we are lucky over here in the UK, we do have a wide selection of food.

      That said, the only UK website that sells JR Farm (zooplus) has just increased their minimum order spend and the threshold for free delivery (£15 and £25, as opposed to £0 and £19, then £10 and £19 for a short while), so I am not sure I shall be getting it from there again if they do like it. I can only spend so much on toys and cages and other things, it'll get to the stage where I need to buy seven bags of food just to get over the minimum order spend, and my friend who uses it gets through two bags a month for six dwarfs, and I've only got three (and hers are all chunky hybrids and really chunky Campbells, I've only got diddy Robos!). And that's if they don't increase the minimum order before I need to buy it again. I might have to wrestle with various German websites to get it not in huge bulk :P

      ... sorry for the rant XD

  2. I wish we had all these foods here . We are synced again. I just made a hammy food post lol

    1. Lol, I am just about to do Darla's cage tour, are you doing another one of those today? XD