Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cage Tours (March 2013)

So, since the hamster cages are lovely and clean, what better time than to give a little cage tour!

First up is Darla. He's currently in a bin cage made from the 62 litre Crystal storage box (I got mine from Wilkinson's). External dimensions are 79.5 by 39.5 cm, and it's 25cm tall. On the left he has a 6.5" flying saucer supported underneath by a DIY cardboard table, a sand bath, a T-shaped alfalfa tunnel, and two wooden tunnels (one leading down underneath the flying saucer to where he makes his nest) and a yellow strawberry chew toy.

On the right side he has a swing thing, a willow bendy bridge, a willow teepee filled with kitchen roll, his water bottle and house with his food bowl inside.

 Next is Annie. She's in a Ferplast Mary "rat" cage from the big green pet store, with dimensions of 82 by 52cm, and a height of 37cm. The left side has an 11" wooden wheel from, her burrowing box, a wooden bridge with a piece of slate on top to help keep her nails down, and her food bowl.

The right side has an old shoe box that she uses as a house, with the roof off her old house on top to disguise it, and two arches cut out of the sides with a bendy willow bridge and another wooden tunnel thing as doorways. She also has a wooden see-saw and a Tesco value jar as a sand bath/toilet.

Suspended from the bars, she has a rat tube leading from the house roof to the digging box, a daisy chain chew toy, a small sputnik, a cargo net hammock, and a wooden hanging bridge. (Her water bottle is also fastened on to the front of the cage.) 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Those are some great looking cages and I love the decor. Thanks for the tour

  2. Oh here we are!! I love all the wood stuffs especially wish we could get all thie wood items here in the states. Plastic is the main product here.

    1. Aww, but your cages are awesome, I spent ages wandering around Hobbycraft on Saturday thinking about how to make some of the things like you have in your cage ;)

  3. wow i luv your cages and your so lucky to have a sputnik almost all of my things are homemade