Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm dreaming of a white... March?

I have no idea what is up with the English weather at the moment! We had snow on Monday, sun on Tuesday, snow on Wednesday, sun on Thursday, and now snow again Friday and today. It's got so bad that the Midlands Hamster Club have cancelled the show in Willington that was arranged for today. A couple of my hamster friends are gutted about this, as they had arranged to get hamsters at the show. One friend was getting the pair for her hamstery's foundation litter! (She has a facebook page if you want to go and have a look.)

Up in the Frozen Wastes of the North, aka Leeds, it's actually not too bad, at only a couple of inches at the most. But then I am right in the centre; I believe it is worse outside of the city. And it is still falling. It's definitely got colder, too! I've had to hurriedly work out how the storage heaters in the new flat work so that the hams don't get cold. Annie has made herself a cosy looking nest in her digging tower thing and hasn't taken any of the extra bedding I provided her with, so she's happy enough. Darla occasionally comes out of his house to grab some more bedding, he is so funny running past with pieces larger than he is! Both are very snug so I am not worried.

(Also a brief internet update: The phone line needs reconnecting and BT are swamped with work, so we might get a phone line by 11th April. I am burning through the data allowance on my phone like there's no tomorrow, I actually had to buy some more yesterday!)

I hope everyone else and their pets are coping okay with the weather, and stay safe!


  1. Hmm, a white March, not quite what's expected. Glad to hear you've got everyone all nicely snuggled up. Would you like me to mail you some sunshine (South Africa appears to have forgotten it's supposed to be in Autumn).

    1. I would love some sunshine! As would most of England, but it's only a small country so I am sure you can fit enough in an envelope :D I always assumed even winters in South Africa were nicer and warmer than the ones we get over here -- drier at least, surely?

  2. We also had an unusual White March here in Eastern U.S. it's so strange!!!